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7 September is International Vulture Awareness Day.  Have a look at this link to learn more and show your support http://www.vultureday.org/2013/index.php

On other fronts we have a lot of news similar to that found in previous posts:

Assamo is still hanging around Adigala in Ethiopia…


Vultures are being poisoned in large numbers in Africa…


The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds are doing a lot of good things…





Also, newly published…

Angelov, I., Yotsova, T., Sarrouf, M. & McGrady, M. J. 2013. Large increase of the Egyptian Vulture Neophron percnopterus population on Masirah island, Oman. Sandgrouse 33: 140-152.

Happy International Vulture Awareness Day!


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Assamo, the Egyptian vulture we fitted with a satellite tag in Djibouti this past spring, has spent his time during the end of July 2013 in an area of about 20 square km around the town of Adigala, Ethiopia.   Have a look at his blog for more information.  Below is a map showing his location in relation to regional geography.


On a sadder note, vultures continue to be poisoned.  Follow this link to a report on a poisoning event that killed almost 50 vultures.  This report illustrates many features of vulture poisoning events, including that vultures are often not the target, large numbers of vultures can be killed at a single event, and that the loss of adult vultures can have a disproportionate effect on productivity.  Such events are sad and are a huge threat to scavengers worldwide.

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