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Assamo, the Egyptian vulture fitted with a satellite tag in Djibouti in March 2013 has moved back into Djibouti after spending 5 months in Ethiopia, near the town of Adigala.  The five month stay and the pattern of movements seemed to indicate that Assamo had found a regular food source, and had settled in.  However, on 20 November he just up sticks and headed back into Djibouti to the area where he was originally caught.  Since moving there he seems to have adopted his old pattern of movement (and one that contrasts with his movements in Ethiopia), in which he seems to be ranging over a large area and foraging at very small settlements.  Whether this is an annual pattern or whether this is something done by vultures that will ultimately migrate into Eurasia is not yet known.  Time may tell, but it might take a while in the telling.  Have a look at  http://egyptianvulturedjibouti.blogspot.co.at/ for more detail and a history of Assamo’s movements.


Assamo’s movements from Ethiopia to Djibouti during late November 2013.

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