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We have posted more information about Assamo’s movement around Djibouti.  Have a look at it here. However, I wanted to point out a pretty interesting feature of his behavior that this tracking is showing.  During most of the tracking Assamo has seemed to move from place to place in a rather random fashion, presumably looking for feeding opportunities and then taking them. During 23-28 May 2013, Assamo abandoned that strategy and seemed to become a commuter to and from what appears to be the garbage dump in the town of Ali Sabieh. He made daily trips in the early morning to the town, then mostly spent his afternoons and nights about 10 km south, just into Ethiopia.  The map below shows you what I mean.  Here is what he did:

22 May 1130 in Ali Sabieh, 1430 in Ethiopia
23 May 0530 in Ali Sabieh, 0830 in Ethiopia
24 May 0530 in Ali Sabieh, 1130 in Ethiopia
25 May 0830 in Ali Sabieh, 1430 in Ethiopia
26 May 0830 in Ali Sabieh, 1430 in Ethiopia
27 May 0830 in Ali Sabieh, 0830 in Ethiopia, 1130 back just east of Ali Sabieh, 1430 farther north
28 May 0830 in Ali Sabieh, 1130 back north of town.

Assamo's locations in Ali Sabieh (mornings) and in Ethiopia (afternoon and night)

Assamo’s locations in Ali Sabieh (mornings) and in Ethiopia (afternoon and night).

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4_17 May2013_Assamo

Assamo‘s movements in northern Djibouti during 4-17 May

Though Assamo hasn’t moved very far during this time period, those movements are still interesting… At least to me they are. Assamo spent most of this time near permanent/semi-permanent settlements (when I zoom in on Google Earth there are cement buildings and fenced compounds).  These settlements are located on two arms of a large wadi system, so most of Assamo’s locations fall within a circle of about 30 km.  He did make some forays out to the NE (16 May), to the West (5 May) and even to Tadjoura (6 May).  We have not recorded him re-visiting the site where he was caught.  That could be because locations are determined at intervals throughout the day, and so he could have visited and we missed it.  Of course, it could also be that he just hasn’t gone back to the Tadjoura abattoir.

Remember to visit our other blog, which has a bit more information, and a more complete historical account of what Assamo’s been up to since being fitted with a satellite transmitter in March 2013.

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This is just a quick note to say that Assamo, the Egyptian vulture we are tracking in the Horn of Africa made a quick excursion into Eritrea for some hours early this month.  Have a look http://egyptianvulturedjibouti.blogspot.co.at/

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